If you have never used a Bitcoin ATM before or you are having trouble using one of our ATMs, this section will show you how to buy bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM.

There are a few things we recommend you have ready before trying to buy bitcoin at one of our machines

1.) Make sure you bring a working cell phone and state issued photo ID. In order to purchase Bitcoin you will need to enter a working phone number that can receive text messages. Depending on the amount purchased, you may also be asked to present your photo ID.

2.) We recommend that you download a digital wallet to send the Bitcoin before hand. You can learn more about what a digital wallet is by CLICKING HERE. You can also learn how to create a digital wallet by Clicking Here

3.) Take note that the minimum amount of Bitcoin that you can buy is $20 and the maximum you can buy per day is $12,500. In addition, the machine only accepts $5's, $10's, $20's, $50's, and $100 denominations.

To find the nearest machine to you, please Click Here

Step 1:

When you first visit the machine you will see information on the screen about promotions and other updates from our company. Go ahead and tap anywhere on the screen and it will bring you to the home screen. To begin, click on BUY BITCOIN

Step 2:

Once you have selected to Buy Bitcoin, the screen will now ask you how much you would like to buy. For this example, we will be selecting between $20-$1000. So for example if you wanted to purchase $400 worth of Bitcoin you would select that option. If you would like to buy more than $1000 you can select the other option.

Please see below for more information on limits and verification requirements:

$20 - $500 using your personal phone number
$501 - $2999 phone number + PIN + ID
$3000 - $12500 phone number + PIN + ID + SSN
$12500+ (also purchase other crypto) -- email services@nationalbitcoinatm.com

Step 3:

Now that you have selected how much you would like to buy, the machine is going to ask you to enter your phone number. Enter your phone number on the keypad and hit continue.

Step 4:

After you enter your phone number you will be receiving a SMS text message with a code. Enter the code that was sent to you on the machine and hit continue.

Step 5:

Next, the machine will ask you to choose what type of wallet you would like to fund with bitcoin. If you have a digital wallet on your phone select "Scan Wallet QR Code".


If you do not have a digital wallet set up you can select "Create New Wallet" and the machine will print you out a paper wallet. To spend the Bitcoin on a paper wallet you will need to import them into a digital wallet which you can learn about by CLICKING HERE.

Note: We recommend that you use a digital wallet. To learn more about what a digital wallet and a paper wallet is CLICK HERE. To learn how to download a wallet on your phone, please Click Here

Scan Wallet QR Code (if you have an existing wallet)

If you chose to scan a wallet QR code, the machine will ask you to scan the QR code from your wallet app. The scanner is located right above the PIN pad on the machine. To scan the QR code hold the phone about 6 inches away from the scanner. Sometimes you will have to move the QR code around to get the scanner to read the code.

If you Created a New Wallet...:

If you selected the option to "Create a New Wallet" the machine will print you out a paper wallet from the receipt printer. Remove the receipt from the printer and store it in a safe place! Once you have the wallet, click on the button where it says "fund my new wallet". 

Remember if you want to use the Bitcoin on the paper wallet you will first need to import them into a digital wallet. You can learn more about that HERE


Step 6:

Once you have selected which wallet you want to fund, the machine will ask you to insert the cash. To buy Bitcoin, begin inserting the cash into the bill acceptor on the bottom right of the machine. For every bill you insert, the machine will tell you how much Bitcoin you are buying.

Step 7:

After you insert the total amount of cash you want to buy Bitcoin with, click the button "finish".

Step 8:

After you click finish, your transaction is complete! At this point, the ATM will print a transaction receipt. The receipt looks like the image below:

Finished - Next Steps:

Congrats! You have successfully purchased Bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM. 

Please note that sometimes it may take few minutes for your Bitcoin to arrive depending on how fast the network picks up the transaction.


If you are experiencing any issues, please email us at help@nationalbitcoinatm.com

To learn more about how to use our Bitcoin ATMs or if you any other questions, please go back to our General Support Center category or check out our Frequently Asked Questions category.