Starting May 2016, National Bitcoin ATM will be giving away FREE BITCOIN every month as a part of our Customer Loyalty Program.

The top 25 Loyal Customers who use a National Bitcoin ATM the most in a given month are guaranteed to win. That means that the more you use a National Bitcoin ATM, the better your chances are for winning free bitcoin !

You can follow how much bitcoin will be given away at this link: (updated daily)

Rules and Procedures :

  1. Only one visit per day will count towards the rewards program. - So if you buy bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM 3 times in one day, you still only get one transaction counted towards the customer loyalty program.
  2. Bitcoin will be sent to the most frequent National Bitcoin ATM customers at the end of each month. Winners will be notified via text message and/or phone call that they have won.
  3. Throughout the month, Bitcoin will be added to our Jackpot wallet that will go out to the winners. You can follow the amount of Bitcoin that will be given away at this link: - The wallet will be updated daily. Bitcoin is added to the jackpot as people use our machines. The more users who buy bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM, the bigger the jackpot and the bigger the payout!!

To find out where the nearest National Bitcoin ATM is please visit:

For any questions or comments, please email us at: