If you recently have purchased Bitcoin from a National Bitcoin ATM and clicked on the option "create new wallet" you should have 2 receipts which were printed out.

The first receipt looks like the picture below and has 2 QR codes on it. DO NOT THROW THIS RECEIPT AWAY. This receipt is called a 'paper wallet' and has your Bitcoin stored on it. If this receipt gets lost before you import the Bitcoin into a digital wallet you will risk losing your Bitcoin forever.

You can learn more about what a paper wallet is and how to import your bitcoin into a digital wallet at the following help pages:

What is a Digital Wallet

How Do I Use/Spend The Bitcoin I Just Bought With My Receipt??

The second receipt which is pictured below is your transaction receipt. This just contains information about your transaction at the machine. Much like when you get a receipt from a normal ATM machine. If you ever have any issues using a National Bitcoin ATM our support staff will want you to provide information from this receipt. So it's always a good idea to hang on to this as well.