So you just bought Bitcoin at a National Bitcoin ATM and got a receipt with some QR codes on it........ NOW WHAT??

In this section, we will show you how to use your Bitcoin and send it where you need it to go. Be sure to also check out our Tips and Advice Page to learn more about how everything works and what to look out for.

Below are the steps you will need to follow in order to move your Bitcoin from the receipt with the 2 QR codes (paper wallet) to a digital wallet which you will be using to send your Bitcoin where you need to. We recommend reading and following the steps below and following the links associated with each step.

Step 1:

Take out the receipt that has 2 QR codes on it.

This receipt is called a paper wallet which you can learn more about on our digital wallet page. This piece of paper (paper wallet) actually contains the Bitcoin that you are trying to send. But you will need to move them to a digital wallet first before you can send them anywhere :)

Step 2:

Next, open up your digital wallet on your mobile device.

If you do not have a digital wallet set up please click on the links below to learn how to set one up. You're going to want one! The links below will guide you how to set up with a wallet provider that we recommend using:

Click Here


Step 3:

Go to the 'addresses' section of the options menu in your digital wallet app and click on either the '+' button. This will then pull up your mobile devices' camera.

If you do not know how to get to these sections within your digital wallet app Click Here          

Step 4:

Now place your hand over the top QR code on your receipt. Then with your camera pulled up within the digital wallet app, you will want to scan only the BOTTOM QR code on your receipt.

This bottom QR code is called a 'Private Key'. The 'Private Key' is like the password that claims ownership of the Bitcoin that was sent to your 'Public Key' which is the top QR code. To learn more about this read more on our Digital Wallet Page.


Once you have scanned the Bottom QR code from the receipt, your digital wallet app will pop back up again. At this point, the Bitcoin has now moved from the receipt and into your digital wallet! If you go back to the digital wallet app home page you will now see your Bitcoin balance.

Please note, this process can vary depending on the wallet you opt to use. If you do not already have a digital wallet, you can read more about the wallet we recommend  Here

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