Before learning how to create a digital wallet on your mobile device, be sure to go over our Tips and Advice page as well as our What is a Digital Wallet Page.


There are a number of digital wallets to choose from, we'll be using Wallet for this walkthrough. Check out the video below to get started:

Getting Started

Still have Questions? Keeping reading for more information on creating a new digital wallet.

Download Exodus

Download the Exodus Wallet App from the Google Play Store or App StoreOnce you've launched the app you'll be given a short tour


Backup your New Wallet

Once you've checked out your new wallet, it's time to create a backup. During the backup process you will receive your 12-word backup phrase, be sure to keep this somewhere safe. For more information, checkout: Mobile: How do I backup my wallet and set a passcode.


Welcome to your New Wallet!

That's it! Now that you've created your digital wallet, you're ready to send and receive Bitcoin.

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